Safe. Scientific. Genuine. Qualities and values people demand in the pet food they buy and the pet food company its made by. At Precise, experience has taught us that nobody cares more about pets and no one knows more about what they need than pet owners. And we continue to listen to them developing and refining cat and dog food formulations that meet and exceed their expectations.
Precise is proudly made in the USA by Texas Farm Products, a family-owned company since 1930 and makers of respected pet food brands.

Precise Naturals:

The people at Precise, are obsessed with quality. That's why they are committed to ensuring that Precise Naturals formulas offer superior nutrition for your pet by providing fresh, wholesome ingredients without the use of cor, wheat, sou, dairy, and grain sorghum. The highest-quality sources of protein from USA (lamb from Australia) are used in Precise foods. Plus, other beneficial ingredients are added to make your pets feel, and look better. The foods are produced in smaller batches so they can be closely monitored for quality. And, you won't find a single artificial chemical preservative in any of the Precise Naturals pet foods..

Precise Holistic Complete:

Starts with better ingredients. Their balanced formulas feature the Precise Life Cycle Essentials - thoughtful ingredients that produce exceptional nutrition. Quality Proteins (whole muscle meats and high quality meals), probiotics & prebiotics (aid digestion and support a healthy immune system), cell protectors (anti-oxidants that promote a healthy immune system and defend against free radicals), balanced omegas (a balance of omega-3 and 6 fatty acids that help moderate allergic reactions and promote healthy skin and coat), herbals (act as natural digestive aids) & botanicals (natural sources of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that help promote overall health and vitality), natural anti-oxidants (vitamins C and E protect food and assures freshness), and beneficial supplements (chicken cartilage, yucca shidigera extract, and chelated minerals that help nurture, sustain, and protect pets through every stage of life. Whatever type of food you provide, your pet should be exhibiting a lean muscular physique, a lustrous skin and coat, boundless energy, and a healthy exuberance that comes from exceptional nutrition.If you aren't seeing these qualities in your pet, its time to try Precise Holistic Complete.